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ʎadda Tractor
ʎadda Tractor

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PostSubject: NEW BEARS FLASH.   Sun Nov 08, 2009 5:50 am

November, December, and a bit of October!

he camo bear.

''One of the most softest bear ever!- Arcee Pattinson''
"awww he's sooo soft, and cute- Dodge.''
these are some of the comment(s) on the camo bear! in my opinion you need to add this bear to your collection! at $18.00 uS, and £15.00 UK. this is a perfect bear!
you can buy it online at these links

winter bear.

''makes me feel happy- Arcee Pattinson''
comment(s) on winter bear.

the 4th of the 2009 collection. this will be the last one completing the collection. and yes it does make me happy. Razz I sure hope it makes you happy. this is a great bear, and I recommend it a hundred percent! at $20.00 US and £16.50 UK this bear is worth buying!
you can buy it online at these links US UK

the frosty snow man and freinds

''I NEED IT! who doesn't love frosty?- Arcee Pattinson"
comment(s) on the frosty.
psh frosty man! thats all I have to say! he rocks you need him. at $23.00 US, and no avadible source in UK. frosty is great fur You!
you can buy it online at this link US
PS his checks light up!

UK snowman

''sooo cute, even more reason to want to live in the united kingdom! -Arcee Pattinson"
comment(s) on UK snowman
ok peeps in UK cheer up about frosty. you get this cutie showman! LUCKY! Razz
at £15.00 UK, no available source for US. this is a great bear!
you can buy it online at this link UK

the polar bear

''this bear a true freind, he is a great pal to talk to, and he scared away the monsters for me.- Arcee Pattinson''
"he is so soft. he is my favorite- Bear helper''
''the mini is cuter, but still- Elviracowbear''
Comment(s) on polar bear.
HE IS AWESOME YOU NEED HIM!!! this bear... man is just great. you sooo need it! with the most awesome bear prize ever.
at $18.00 US, and £15.00 uK this is a steal of a deal!
you can buy it online at these links US uK

hal and holly moose

''I dig the antlers! (laugh) -Arcee Pattinson''
''I don't really like them- Elviracowbear"
the comment(s) on Hal and holly moose.
welcome a new family clasic! Hal, and holly moose are the new Christmas edition to Build-a-bear workshop. and now Hal on holy moose on ABC family 24 days of Christmas! you can get details HERE it! NO PRICE RELEASED, AND NO LINK RELEASED. We'll keep ya posted

Alvin, and the chipmunks

''I HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF TO SAY! (laughs) -Arcee Pattinson''
ok, you may be wondering why does he have a mustache. we'll get to that later.
avlin, and the chipmunks are coming to BABV & BABW! NO PRICE RELSED, NO LINK. keep yo posted.

about the mustache-

my favorite show, just so happen to have the same actor as chipmunks. this picture might explain.
and thats the flash!brought to you by bearvilleoutsiders, forumotion, Arcee Pattinson, 2009.


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PostSubject: Re: NEW BEARS FLASH.   Tue Jan 26, 2010 9:13 am

They are all beary cute!!
I want to get the polar bear!
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