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 what is in it for me?

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ʎadda Tractor

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what is in it for me? Empty
PostSubject: what is in it for me?   what is in it for me? Icon_minitime1Wed Nov 18, 2009 7:48 am

you might be asking.
"if I write a story, what do I get? is it worth my while?"
"depends on what worth your while is, but what you get from making a story, and winning is.
1. your name will be a different color.
2. your story will be plastered every where. so hope you like fame.
3. even if you don't win you can say, yes I am learning on the computer. Smile every one wins
4. and so much more to come. please remember that we are a new forum...... and we don't have as so many members as every one else.

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what is in it for me?
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