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 news section rules, and reg. MUST READ FIRST.

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PostSubject: news section rules, and reg. MUST READ FIRST.   Wed Nov 11, 2009 7:23 pm

hi every one. I am dodge, and also the head of news management.. I have some things to tell you about our very cool, updated news section. here are some rules about posting in the news section if you are not - Arcee Pattinson, or a news bear.

1. please put all text in Italic. if it is not, it will be CHANGED to the Italic text [EXAMPLE: Extra, Extra read all about it.]
2. if your news does not have a picture referring to what the news is we will add one for you.
3. if you are a news bear, and feel that this is unfair, please note that all members in BVO, 'BearVilleOutsiders' are all equal. and if you do not agree to this then please note that we will have a discussion in the coming up news bear panel.
4. if you are a admin of BVO please do not think that Arcee Pattinson is special, beacuse she does not have to apply to these rules. one reason she already knows them.
5. once you have posted a good amount of news in the news section, you will have the chance to become a certified News bear.
6. please do not expect some of these rules to stay the same. we are the pioneers of BearVilleOutsiders.

-ALSO. in every news post please put this message on your post.

'Want to bring BVO it's news? apply to be a news bear now! CLICK HERE
limited time only!'

 [i][color=red][/i][/color][color=red][i]Want to bring BVO it's news? apply to be a news bear now! [url=]CLICK HERE[/url][/i][/color][color=red][i]limited time only![/i][/color][color=red][i][/color] [/i] 

thank you all members of BvO!

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news section rules, and reg. MUST READ FIRST.
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