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 rules of share time

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ʎadda Tractor
ʎadda Tractor

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PostSubject: rules of share time   Sat Jun 27, 2009 2:33 pm

in share time, we might get somethings that are to say not to nice, in share time. your stories can not have, bad content. we will ask you to remove the bad, and if not done so within an hour it will be removed, just the bad part. not the whole story its self.
when posting link, AND A USER REPORTS A VIRUS FROM SOME THING YOU POSTED WILL LEAD TO A BAN! we are not playing around with that.
you may also warn us of a site that makes some thing go wrong. so to say if i was posting my site to have viruses WHICH IT DOES NOT! . i would post the general name such as bearvilleoutsiders.
ok but when posting a good site that is fine to join, you may post a link. and for youtube. i have not tested to see if it will let us post imbeded. but you may if it works, and you may post a link to the vid. BUT IF THIS VIDEO HAS UN FRIENDLY THINGS IT WILL BE REMOVED!
here at BVO i let the members post these things, this is a privilege. and many other sites do not get to have this.
thank you



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rules of share time
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